Grimoire Pair in Tapestry Coat & Vintage Cardigan

This eclectic guy and girl are Naoaki Tobe and Hitomi Nomura, the Grimoire store owner and manager (we’ve profiled Grimoire in an earlier post). Twenty-four-year-old Hotimi, seen on the right with magenta hair, is a former Cutie model. Her outfit from Grimoire includes a blue print embellished camisole with tiny white buttons and a black print skirt. Her coat is brocade trimmed with fleece. She’s carrying a large black leather purse and wearing fleece-trimmed suede clogs.
Hitomi’s one-of-a-kind accessories include a flowered hair ornament, a vintage-inspired earring, a wide suede belt with ornate buckle and a bottle on a chain necklace.

The cool guy on the left is Naoaki. He’s wearing a 70s vintage cardigan sweater under a black coat from London. He bought his black skinny pants in Los Angeles, where he also bought his burgundy shoes and large print shoulder bag. Naoaki’s accessories include a vintage college ring, and leather and gold wristbands,

Hitomi and Naoaki invite you to check out the Grimoire blog.
Grimoire Managers in Tapestry Coat & Vintage Cardigan

Magenta hair & tapestry coat in Harajuku

Vintage-inspired earring & hair decoration

Large leather purse

Grimoire silver rings & bottle necklace

Suede clogs with fur trim

1970s cardigan from Grimoire

Large print shoulder bag

Vintage class ring with wristbands

Burgundy leather shoes from LA

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  1. I adore Hotimi’s hair colour! Its beautiful! O_O And the shole outfit basically :P Wish I lived in Japan TT_TT

    Panda x

  2. The girl is amazing except for the shoes yuck

    the guys nothing special thou


  3. saw them in a mori girl show, they look so amazing!!!! (love her hair!!!)XD

  4. Oh, Hitomi, I love you and your style to the moon and back… But I just noticed that you kinda make the same face and pose the same way in every picture. That’s unfortunate. Still think you rock, though.

  5. i absolutely love her hair and even a bit more the hairpiece!!! she´s so puppy cute

  6. I really hope that the girl knows that her “shoes” are grandma slippers :o) My gran has the same one!

  7. Where to start with this one!? I love her hair! It’s so perfectly pink! And her necklace is just amazing!

  8. I love her make up the orange chicks with purple /pink hair looks beautiful…I really like his look also he reminds me of old vampire movies the shoes and the whole look very nostalgic