Grimoire Tokyo, RoseMarie seoir by Syrup, Theatre Products & Jeffrey Campbell in Harajuku

Yuppo is a vintage fashion loving girl who we’ve been street snapping around the streets of Harajuku for several years. Check out her Twitter or Instagram account for more information.

Yuppo is wearing a shirt from Grimoire with a maxi skirt from┬áRoseMarie seoir by Syrup (with a waistband that reads “Once Upon a Time”). Her bag is from Theatre Products and her silver wooden sole platform shoes are by Jeffrey Campbell. She is also wearing flower and pearl earrings from Sretsis, a necklace from Grimoire, and a couple of rings.

Yuppo told us that her favorite fashion brand right now is RoseMarie seoir by Syrup.

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  1. Joanangel

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I missed so much to see one of the girls that used to wear Dolly Kei! :3333
    Very elegant, like always. ^^
    And gosh… finally I see a good model of Jeffrey Campbell shoes! *__*