Guy’s Avan Trance Coat & Damir Doma Pants

This cool guy with a combination of long and shaved hair is Aran, a 20-year-old bartender. He’s wearing a coat from Avan Trance, a print shirt from Laitinen and loose pants from Damir Doma. His shoes are from Julius.

His accessories include a star earring and a couple of other piercings. We asked Aran about his favorites and he said he likes blxxkk for fashion and Human Beat Box for music. If you read Japanese you can follow Aran on Twitter.

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  1. I Love this! everything about his style; hair, clothes, jewelery!! I love it!!

  2. oooh – very nice! Black is my color so he got big plus for this ^^ and i love his hairstyle <3
    not to mention that he's pretty handsome ^^

  3. You have no idea how much I want that coat. But Avan Trance clothing is SO expensive! How do these people afford it!?
    Also kind of want that hair style.
    Japanese street fashion is the sole refuge for male fashion.

  4. Really like the pose in the outfit…and that hair-Luv it!

  5. He’s pretty awesome looking. <333 Love everything on this outfit.