Guy’s Puffy Facetasm Muffler w/ VAD&MEL Sweater

This is Yoshinobu, a 16-year-old student. His eclectic look includes a white shirt under a cream-colored sweater from VAD&MEL. His loose print pants are from a used clothing store and his fabric shoes are from Mifune. He’s carrying a cool graphic bag from Boy.

Accessories include a silver armor ring from Vivienne Westwood (we’ve seen a few of these in recent snaps), a piece of printed fabric from an American company worn across his chest (maybe this is a feedbag?) and a puffy muffler with a bandana print from Facetasm. The muffler is held in place with a crochet clip. He’s also wearing a crochet headband that gives his hair some height

We asked Yoshinobu about his favorite fashion sources and his answer was Mikiri Hassin and Macaronic. He also said that his favorite band is My Chemical Romance.

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  1. sammyswisso

    Awesome big blue pillow bandanna !! ~ softly very unusal ichiban strangely style !

    ~ nice contrast in colours ~ nice long ring

    never _ this one ! ~ super cool !

  2. Catherine

    Love his style!

    I think he’s wearing a shop apron across his chest; I see pockets :-)

  3. That’s actually a really cool style. The color complements his skin tone and his hair looks awesome! Bonus points for the MCR comment as well <3

  4. young, handsome, and extremely stylish.. woww!!

  5. I love the textures on his outfit! :D

    And yeah, those armor rings are a HUGE hit. I’ve seen some of them here in the west too… :P

  6. Fufufu♥

    Don’t his trousers look like the background from gotye- ‘somebody that I used to know’ ? 0o0

  7. What’s that around his neck? He’s adorable haha.