Handmade Accessories, Hat with Molded Face & Chiffon Miniskirt

Here’s a couple with eye-catching style that we met in Shinjuku. The guy on the left told us his name is Guru Guru. He’s wearing a long top from American Apparel and unique gathered pants. Color contrast is provided by black suede shoes and a black hat (it’s one of the hats with a face molded in the crown that we’ve shown here before).

Guru Guru has several interesting accessories, some made by his friend Tas (the girl pictured on the right) including some small pins on the front of his shirt and a yarn ornament attached to his bag. His bag has a molded blue face sewn into it. He’s also wearing a gold ring and a Jack Skellington ring.

The cute girl on the right is Tas. She’s wearing a white jacket that she borrowed from Guru Guru, a short chiffon skirt and tan platform shoes with white socks. Her accessories, some that she made herself, include an animal print hair bow, a fur stole, a pin and a large button that says “85th Anniversary Sale.” Several more buttons and pins are attached to her small white leather backpack. She’s also wearing a gold band ring.

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  1. Is that real fur?? She is walking with a dead animal around her neck.

  2. Wahhh such a kawaii couple!
    If i get a boyfriend, we need to have an interesting style like these gaiz hahahaha