Handmade Dolly Style

Yutuki is a 20-year-old student who’s wearing a dolly-style outfit that she made herself. Her red and white top resembles a sailor shirt and is stenciled with red crosses. Her skirt combines layers of cotton and lace. White stockings and red and white shoes decorated with red crosses complete the outfit.

Yutuki’s accessories include handmade lace and flower necklace and hair ornaments. She’s carrying a large fabric and lace bag that also looks handmade. She told us her favorite places to shop are Rurumul, Incomplete Alchemist and Grimoire. You can visit her website here.
Handmade Dolly Style

Sailor style-top & handmade necklace

Lace hair ornament

Braid with lace & gingham bow

Ribbons, lace & yarn

Fabric & lace bag

White stockings & two-tone shoes

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  1. LOVE the stenciled crosses on the top and how they match her fantastic shoes!! what a talented lady. i love the hairpeice as well. this patchworky, crafty style works so well in japan [i think it looks kind of weird when american hipsters do it].

  2. If you look at her, despite the amazing detail of her outfit, she looks humble and reserved. That makes it work, and americans tend not to be able to pull that off.