Hangry&Angry Gothic Dress, Top Hat, Striped Socks & Skulls in Harajuku

Alumi was wearing a black and white gothic lolita outfit with twin tails when we saw her in Harajuku. We have snapped her Harajuku lolita looks many times before.

Alumi is wearing a HANGRY&ANGRY dress with skull insertions and a lace capelet from Naoto Seven. Her corset-inspired bag is also from HANGRY&ANGRY, and her high heeled platform brogues are from Yosuke. Alumi is also wearing an embellished hat (with skulls), HN+nois arm cover, a parasol, long striped socks, and Naoto Seven collar.

h.NAOTO is Alumi’s favorite fashion designer as well as a fan of T.M.Revolution. Find her on her blog for more pictures of her lolita coordinates.

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  1. Soooooo great! This is truly Heaven on Earth, would do just about anything just to share a lunch together. I would probably melt! LOL