Pink Harajuku Styles w/ Angelic Pretty, 6%DOKIDOKI, Miyamo & Super Lovers

When we ran into Junnyan and Bousou Beast on the street in Harajuku after dark, they were both wearing pink jackets. You might remember Bousou Beast from her previous street snaps.

Bousou Beast is wearing a fuzzy pink jacket with bows on the hood over a Hellcatpunks striped skirt, over the knee stockings, and Yosuke platform shoes. Accessories include a red heart bag from the Japanese brand Angelic Pretty, bows, and a cross necklace. She told us that she’s a fan of X-Japan and Hellcat Punks. For more info, find Bousou Beast on Twitter.

Junnyan – the organizer of Harajuku Fashion Walk – is wearing a pink jacket with a cute print that matches the print on his t-shirt. He’s also wearing pink plaid pants and pink Super Lovers boots. Accessories include a print tote bag from 6%DOKIDOKI, a cross necklace, and a cute Miyamo necklace. For more info on Junnyan, find him on Twitter or Facebook!

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