Harajuku Girl’s Hellcatpunks Casket Backpack, Twintails, Crosses & Hearts

This 17-year-old student told us that her name was “Bousou Beast” when we met her on the street in Harajuku. Her casket shaped backpack is the first thing that caught our eye!

Bousou Beast’s kawaii-goth look features a “Dead Love” top from Hellcatpunks, a striped skirt with a cross graphic (also from Hellcatpunks), net tights, dripping paint socks, and cute Candy Stripper cat shoes. Accessories – most of which came from Hellcatpunks – include studded bone hair clips in her twin tails hairstyle, cross earrings, a “Sweet Dead” heart necklace, and her Hellcatpunks casket shaped backpack.

She also told us her favorite fashion brand is Hellcatpunks and that she enjoys the music of X-Japan. For more info and pics, find Bousou Beast on Twitter.

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  1. Longroad12

    She is a doll, I love the way she’s dress’ed. Very beautiful young lady. The shoes are really cute.

  2. super uber cute!!! it would be something i would wear if i had the clothing(but im not sure bout my parents lol)

  3. ive seen that bag for sale! i really liked it but i knew it wouldnt looks good on me :(

  4. Does anyone know where i can buy that casket online?