Harajuku Girl in Cherry Sweater, Pompom Skirt & Tokyo Bopper Glitter Shoes

Meet Yu-chan, a cute blonde girl who works at the famous LaForet boutique Wall Harajuku.

Yu-chan is wearing a pink resale coat over a cherry print sweater from Very Brain and a pompom skirt from Honey Salon. Her tote bag is from Cardcaptor Sakura, her rings are Lamie and Bing Bang, the earring is Cocotte, the hairpin is Azusa Iio, and her stockings are from Lure Magic. She is also wearing glitter rocking horse shoes from Tokyo Bopper with sports socks.

Yu-chan likes to shop at Wall Harajuku and listening to anisong (anime music). Check her out on Twitter for more information.

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  1. I like the glitter shoes & the cherry shirt as well. Also I do like the hair clip that she has in her hair. And I really do like the bag btw. And the cute winter jacket is really cute.

  2. Card captor sakura fan yei! Like glitter shoes