Harajuku Couple in Vivienne Westwood, Biker Jacket, Faux Fur & Platforms

Yukinn and Kyon are two 21-year-old models who we spotted near the famous Takeshita Dori shopping street in Harajuku. You might remember the previous Harajuku Street Snaps that we shot of them earlier this year.

Kyon – on the left with a Vivienne Westwood scarf – is wearing a leather biker jacket over a Boy London sweatshirt, black ripped jeans from the Harajuku boutique Never Mind The XU, and suede H&M platform heels. Accessories – some of which came from Chanel and Vivienne Westwood – include a silver earrings, silver rings, and an H&M backpack. Kyon’s favorite fashion brands include Saint Laurent, Chanel, Hermes, H&M, and Vivienne Westwood and he likes to listen to K-Pop. Find him on Instagram for more info and pictures.

Yukinn – on the right with twin tails – is wearing a Pameo Pose faux fur coat (with a cute poodle patch) over a Zara top, Emoda wide leg pants, and chunky ankle boots. Accessories – some of which came from designer Justin Davis – include a choker, a silver necklace, a wide belt, a silver armor ring, and a classic Vivienne Westwood heart shaped handbag. Yukinn’s favorite fashion brands include Vivienne Westwood, Pameo Pose, and Zara and she likes the music of Lady Gaga. Find her on Instagram or Twitter.

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