Harajuku Decora Girl in 90884 Top, Super Lovers Jacket & Rainbow Socks

This decora girl with a cute braided tails hairstyle is Ayano. When we met her in Harajuku, she told is that she is 16 years old and a student.

Ayano is wearing a smiley face jacket from Super Lovers over a 90884 brand t-shirt (with a 90884 necklace) and a pink tutu. Her pink, cross strap bow shoes are from Daichu, worn with rainbow socks. She accessorized with hair pins, facial stickers, colorful necklaces, bracelets, a puffy arm warmer and eyeball rings, which are all from Claire’s or handmade. She is also wearing a Little Mermaid backpack.

Ayano told us she likes to shop at 90884, Super Lovers and galaxxxy, and that she’s active on Twitter.

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  1. her outfit is super cute and so colourful!
    And her smile is so gorgeous and happy!! 。^‿^。