Colorful Harajuku Decora Girls w/ Omocha Party, 6%DOKIDOKI & My Little Pony

Rikarin and Ene are two friendly Harajuku girls who were wearing colorful decora-style fashion when we met them on Meiji Street. It was a little windy, as you can tell by the first snap.

Rikarin – on the left – is wearing an eyeball print Super Lovers dress over a black cutout top from Marple Q, a resale black panier, red fishnets, eyeball socks, and No Fall platforms. Her colorful accessories – most of which are from 6%DOKIDOKI or are handmade – include a pink hat, goggles, toy earrings, decora hair clips, a tattoo necklace, a pink toy stethoscope, a winged belt, color bracelets, lots of bows, a duck bag from Thank You Mart, and a small heart-decorated bag with lace. Rikarin’s favorite brand is 6%DOKIDOKI and she enjoys the music of and Shiina Pikarin. For more info, find Rikarin on Twitter.

Ene – with pink-blue hair on the right – is wearing a colorful 6%DOKIDOKI top with graphic shorts and Yosuke patent heels with pink socks. Accessories include hair clips, a colorful necklace, an Omocha Party necklace, and a My Little Pony backpack. Her favorite brand is also Harajuku’s 6%DOKIDOKI. She likes the music of Shiina Ringo and Urbangarde. Follow her Twitter for more pictures!

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