Harajuku Dolly Girls’ Vintage Dresses & Floral Tattoos

We met this pair of cute Dolly girls in Harajuku. On the left wearing a peach-colored baby doll dress is Shiho. She told us she received the dress as a gift from a friend. Her accessories from The Virgin Mary and other shops include a satin hair bow, a vintage souvenir ribbon pinned to her dress and a beautiful cameo ring. Both her leather shoulder bag and Mary Jane shoes (worn with ruffled socks) are from Tarock.

Shiho has some interesting body art, include floral tattoos on her ankles and polished nails that are embellished with tiny bows.

The girl on the right with braids is 18-year-old Anne, a self-described furita (temporary worker). She’s wearing a vintage patchwork print dress with a unique leather and fabric belt (she didn’t tell us where her outfit came from).

Her leather purse was a gift from her friend Shiho. She’s also carrying a fabric tote bag from Theatre Products. Her shoes are penny loafers worn with lace-trimmed ankle socks.
Harajuku Baby Doll Dress & Vintage Patchwork Dress

Peach dress & vintage ribbon in Harajuku

Auburn bob & hair bow in Harajuku

Vintage leather purse from Tarock

Cameo ring & embellished nails in Harajuku

Tarock Mary Jane shoes & floral tattoos in Harajuku

Braids & vintage dress in Harajuku

Auburn braided hair in Harajuku

Tarock purse & Theatre Products bag in Harajuku

Penny loafers & lace-trimmed socks in Harajuku

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  1. woah they are so stylish!!

    Their style is so cool!
    The tattoos add so much edge to her!

    I really want to make some lace socks now, i think i should start tonight!

  2. Dreaded Queen

    I love the girls outfit on the right. Gotta get that belt. Plus that print is so retro 70s. Cute!

  3. I love Shiho’s style! She is so doll-like but not too cute/childish. AWESOME tattoos (look so good with the mery janes) and lovely manicure <3

  4. young_rob101

    Very stylish outfits in their own rights i have nothing negative to say about them. Hey guys can you plz follow me on twitter at young_rob101 i would love to discuss fashion with you guys

  5. Both of them are so sweet >_<! Shiho's tattoos + mary Jane shoes and lace socks and that hairstyle = awesome
    Anne's braids, retroish dress and belt and bag = awesome

  6. kinako milk

    i love shiho’s babydoll dress so much i am willing it into my wardrobe using the power of my mind! ….. ….. ….. not working kuku (≧ω≦٥)