Harajuku Duo’s Streetwear Styles w/ Aqua Bob, Half Color Bob, Rugrats Hoodie, Marvel Heroes Pants, Balmung Graphic Sweater, Ikumi Quilted Pants, MMC & Adidas Sneakers

Easily catching our eye with their colored hair and striking streetwear ensembles are Oowakigee and Hinoarashi, two 19-year-old students.

At the left is Oowakigee sporting a blunt aqua bob. His streetwear outfit features a black Rugrats print hoodie sweater and Marvel heroes print pants, which he completed with a pair of Adidas sneakers. Accessories such as grey headphones and an Adventure Time lanyard necklace with a Snickers bar are the finishing touches to his cool style. Oowakigee loves to shop at Uniqlo, and he likes the music of Ging Nang Boyz. Follow Oowakigee on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Hinoarashi – with half-color aqua and pink hair – stepped out in a Balmung jacket, which features graphic prints and red trims. She wore the jacket over an Ikumi top, donned white Ikumi quilted wide leg pants, blue ankle socks, and stepped into a pair of chunky white bow sneakers from MMC. Multiple silver ear studs, a labret piercing, a Pokemon Center plushie keychain and a resale black leather sling bag completed her style. Balmung is Hinoarashi’s favorite fashion brand, and she likes listening to Willo. Hinoarashi is also active on Instagram, follow her.

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