Harajuku Fairy Idols w/ Cute Hair, 6%DOKIDOKI, Milklim & Dazzlin

We met these three fun girls with twin tails hairstyles on the street in Harajuku. They are members of the Japanese fairy kei-styled idol group cache♡*coucou.

To the right we have Maro+♡, with pink/yellow hair, shaved on the sides and with a heart at the back. Her jacket is a resale from Kinji Harajuku, worn over Milklim pants. Her backpack is from Black Peace Now and her lace flats are a remake. She accessorized with a heart ring, plastic bracelets, toys and necklaces, which she told us she got from 6%DokiDoki, Spank!, and DIY. Maro likes shopping at Milklim and 6%DokiDoki and she’s a fan of anisong (anime music). Find out more about her from Twitter.

To the left we have Kurumi+♡. She has heart shaped sunglasses, a sequin headband, heart and cherry ties in her hair. She is wearing a Nadia Harajuku jacket over a Milklim unicorn t-shirt and a tutu from LDS (Love Drug Store). Her backpack is from Disney and she accessorized with a bows necklace, pins, bracelets, a heart ring and checkered Vans sneakers. She told us her accessories are from Nile Perch, which is one of the favorite shops (the other being Nadia). Her favorite music is cache♡*coucou and she’s active on Twitter.

Hina+♡ is the girl pictured in the middle, with dark hair and blue tips. She is wearing a cutout dress from Dazzlin with a Spiral Girl cardigan. Her tote bag and blue shoes are from WEGO. She is also wearing cross earrings, faux pearls, beads bracelets, a candy ring and polka dot socks, and she told us she bought them from WEGO and Shibuya 109. Her favorite shops are WEGO and Dazzlin, and she’s active on Twitter.

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  1. My favorite things about these outfits:
    1. Onigiri necklace
    2. Twin buns
    3. Blue hai