Harajuku Fashion Party “Heavy Pop #7” in Tokyo – Pictures & Video

The 7th edition of Ray Ochiai’s Harajuku street culture party “Heavy Pop” was held in Tokyo last week. The party featured musicians, artists, and performers including Raveman, Broken Doll, Bazookistan, Junnyan, Bloodolly, M&T from OVER ZERO, Die Schwarze Frau, rxsxhxc and Katie. Indie fashion brands on hand included Party Baby (Kumamiki), MEtA (Mimeko), Namekujisalt and Whoopingcough, Dollis and Pastel Parade.

In addition to the “official” guests, there were lots of familiar faces from the Harajuku street fashion scene in attendance enjoying the music and atmosphere. Kaila and Daishi from Tokyo Fashion both attended Heavy Pop #7, and they brought back pictures and video for those of you that didn’t make it in person. Check out Heavy Pop and hope to see you there in person soon!

Heavy Pop #7 – Harajuku Party Video

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Heavy Pop #7 – Harajuku Party Pictures

Click on any of the Heavy Pop Harajuku party pics to enlarge them!

A big thank you to Ray Ochiai for inviting us to his parties. Check out his official website if you’re interested in attending one in the future yourself!


Video by Kaila. Photos by Daishi.

About the filmmaker:
Kaila is a graduate of Bunka Fashion College’s sister school — Bunka Institute of Language. She loves taking photographs, getting lost in her own world and discovering new places with her fisheye, making accessories out of boredom and blogging whatever goes in her Japan life.

About the photographer:
Daishi Hamada is a Japanese photographer and musician who specializes in band photography in Tokyo. You can find out more about him and see more of his work at his official website.

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  1. Waaa! So much craziness! Looks like they all had a really good time! Wish I could have partied with them!

  2. oh finallyyyyyyyyy a new video and new photossssss 2013!!! jaajaj ..XD IT LOOK great!! party in harajunku! the best! yeah!

  3. OMG! Japanese people are so crazy!!!!….but i love so much this country! I want to participate at a party like this too! Clothes are so wonderful!