Harajuku Girl in Batman Skirt, Purple-Green Tights & Rocking Horse Shoes

Here’s a fun Japanese girl we ran into while walking near LaForet Harajuku (actually, right in front of the entrance). We weren’t out doing street snaps, but her green and purple tights caught our attention. So, we asked her if we could take a couple of quick pictures.

Besides the leggings, she’s wearing a yellow Batman-print skirt (we have seen very similar skirts at Spinns Harajuku just down the street), a black zip-up jacket (the weather has been pretty random in Tokyo lately – hot one day, cool the next), an “L.A.” cap, and black rocking horse shoes (they look similar to the ones sold by Body Line on Takeshita Dori, but not 100% sure of the brand.)

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Up until now I had never seen anybody wear those shoes and make them look good. This style is adorable.

  2. love it! *w*
    I always wonder,how the hell the japanese do it that they always look soooooo good!? are they born with ability to mix things perfectly, i’m jealous :D

  3. Dreaded Queen

    My phone app isnt loading the closeups :(. Love the batman skirt. I wonder why batman is so popular in Tokyo right now???

  4. goddess8706

    love the batman skirt is there any website that ship to the USA where i can get them shoes THEY ROCK!!!!!! (^_^)

  5. tokyo

    Dreaded Queen, which app are you using – the Android app or iPhone app? I just tested it on my iPhone and it seems to work, but I want to make sure it works for you (and everyone). Please let me know and I’ll check on it! Thanks. :-)

  6. Dreaded Queen

    @ Tokyo
    I’m using it on an iPhone 4. I know os 5 was released yesterday but I haven’t upgraded yet. I still can’t see the skirt detail pics :( The only zoomed in detail shot I can see is the last pic on her rocking horse shoes. Thank u so much for the follow up. So far this is the only pic i am noticing issues with.I am a fan of the site an this app. USA sends much love

  7. Still absolutely love this outfit :D
    However, more importantly, I find if something doesn’t load, I try to exit the photo set, or kill the app if that doesn’t work. It is annoying, but still doing a lot better than Facebook xD

  8. Dreaded Queen

    @tokyo. I am now on os5 for my iPhone and all the pics load great. Previously I could see this pic download frame by frame and the bottom portions wouldn’t display and or a few pics would be blan. Now it’s all good :)k