Harajuku Girl in Cute Handmade Hoodie & Bow Tie

This cute and colorfully dressed 19-year-old Japanese girl is Haruka Kurebayashi. You might recognize her from another recent Harajuku street snap shot by a different TokyoFashion.com photographer.

Haruka’s outfit consists of a one-of-a-kind decorated hoodie with a design on the hood that makes us think of a bird. She said the hoodie was handmade by 90884, which we think may be her own brand. Along with the 90884 hoodie, she’s wearing a colorful button up shirt, a plaid school uniform skirt, knee-high socks with pink stars, and shoes from Haruta. Accessories include a pink monster-print bag from Zak Zak, a multi-colored alligator (or is it a crocodile?), candy colored rings, and a large polka dot bow tie. Haruka said that some of her accessories were also handmade by 90884.

When we asked her about music, Haruka told us that she likes the band Hazel Nuts Chocolate. If you’d like to know more about Haruka and see more cute pictures of her, she has her own blog and she’s on Twitter.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. That bag is adorable! She did an awesome job on decorating, especially the hood it so cute! I adore every inch

  2. Super cute! I really like her hoodie and her socks<3

  3. I’ve seen this girl many times, she’s always so cute. I love her bag!

  4. does anyone know the designer of the bag? i love it.

  5. tokyo

    rotting – as far as the bag, she wrote down “Zak Zak”, but I am not familiar with the brand. You could try asking her on Twitter. I’m not sure if she speaks English or not (we spoke to her in Japanese), but you could try:

  6. Raisorquick

    So cute. The hoodie is amazing and her eyes are too!

  7. It’s a crocodile, because the nose is more rounded and a alligator would have a more pointed nose. But anyway, OMMG!!!! This look is sooooo cute!!! chou-kawaii ^.^

  8. This looks so cute, i love that hoodie and her socks

  9. Mums Latvijā nav ierasts sakarināties ar rokassprādzēm un visiem pāriējiem smukajiem nieciņeim, bet kopumā interesanti!
    From Latvia.

  10. Wow! She looks almost exactly like an anime in the 2nd picture :) Very cute!!!