Short-Haired Harajuku Girl w/ Pink Rabbit Ears & ANAP Rabbit Bag

After chasing a white horse around Omotesando today, we ran into this awesomely cute girl – with a cool short hairstyle – near LaForet Harajuku. We weren’t really in street snap mode, but she was really friendly so we couldn’t help but stop and take a few quick pictures.

Her outfit consists of a pair of pink rabbit ears, a print tank top over a short-sleeve floral top, a pink tulle skirt with silver stars, robot-print knee-high socks, and sparking slippers that would make Dorothy jealous. What really made her stand out from the crowd, though, were her cute animal friends. Around her neck is a pink rabbit-like creature with long arms and a long tail. She’s also carrying a large rabbit purse from Anap, complete with carrot.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. lazyfefe♥

    so cuteeeeeeeee i like her style ♥ she looks like a fairytale rabbit ^^
    by the way her hair colour is really nice with the shoes and all stuff !

  2. lil Jay-chan

    she has sooooo beautiful big eyes *___*
    such a cutie ^^

  3. She has the cutest face. I imagine her to look like what Sachiko was supposed to look like in Nana. <3

  4. so so so kawaii!!! love her whole outfit including her hair <3

  5. Not concerned with her outfit but her hair style and color, and also her beautiful eyes, nose, lips :)

  6. haha oh my good ,shes cutie ^^ i like it that she smiles so bright ,most of the persons who were photographed look sooo serious ^^ or dumb XP

  7. @shounonana99

    really like her style… very berry cute!!
    love the pink rabbit necklace…

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  9. how cute *__________* her face is so pretty and i love her outfit :D

  10. Aaaaaw :3 She´s so cute and her style too, Totally loved it ♥