Harajuku Girl’s Ethereal Dolly Look w/ Tarock, Grimoire & Incomplete Alchemist

Here’s a stylish-and-original 17-year-old Japanese girl named Maririn who we met in Harajuku. Her mostly-white look, put together from several popular Dolly Kei shops/brands, gave us an ethereal (almost ghostly) vibe when we first spotted her on the street.

Maririn’s outfit features a layered top she picked up at the Tokyo resale shop Tarock (popular with Dolly Kei girls), a sheer/lace skirt (which she bought in Nakano) over denim shorts, stockings with red wraparound patterns, and white shoes that she hand decorated with cute characters. Her accessories – some of which came from Nadia Harajuku – include a large lace hair bow, a large decorated cross necklace from Incomplete Alchemist, and a bag that she got from Shibuya’s famous Grimoire boutique.

Besides her cool fashion, Maririn also told us that her favorite musical group is Radwimps.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. these r not normal shoes, they r called uwabaki and u actually wear them inside. but they r soooooooooo damn comfi !!! i got some too, LOVE THEM ^_^

  2. Dreaded Queen

    I love the delicate airy look of it. Her makeup is really pretty too

  3. young_rob101

    Great outfit she looks like a little doll lol… hey guys can u please go follow me on twitterr@ young_rob101 thanks i would love to talk fashion with you guys

  4. The ‘shopped blurring in the back left of the 1st photo is actually kind of distracting.

  5. maziar you are right!
    He is sweet.Nice acssesrories!