Harajuku Girl’s Red Lipstick, Bob Hairstyle, Patchwork Skirt & Corset Belt

Here’s a stylish 16-year-old Japanese high school student named Sagano who we ran into on the street in Harajuku. She originally caught our attention because of the contrast of her bright red lipstick (matched by the red platforms of her heels) and her black bob hairstyle.

Sagano’s outfit features a black and white striped button-up top that she purchased at LaForet Harajuku, a patchwork skirt (also from LaForet), and white platform heels. Her accessories include a corset belt covered in buttons, a zipper necklace from Monomania, a pyramid ring (also from Monomania), and a red BodyLine apple handbag.

Sagano told us that her favorite fashion brand is Monomania and her favorite Tokyo shops include Nadia and New York Joe Exchange. As far as music, she likes Shiina Ringo and Tokyo Incidents.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. love her stripes and shoes! Normally I don’t like white shoes but the red makes em so cute.

  2. I don’t like how the shirt clashes with the skirt. I think a different skirt or shirt would have made this look better. But the rest of this outfit is pretty cool! :)

  3. Auntie-Aku

    I love the mix of the stripy, very graphic shirt and the romantic skirt. The corset/belt is also cool, the ideaof the buttons interests me…but those “glasses” are just plain ugly. xP All in all, a very cool outfit. I’d love to have that handbag.

  4. Wow! Love her outfit! She’s pretty and she sure doesn’t look 16 :)

  5. That’s so not fair – she’s my age and I couldn’t look that sophisticated if I tried.

  6. KawaiiPanda98

    I love this outfit, it really works :3 The bag is *so* gorgeous!

  7. Starlight

    She’s so natural, it’s almost scary xD
    Pretty ~

  8. I love this outfit the belt, shoes and bag are so pretty this is something I would totally wear xoxo

  9. For some reason i think this look works well, and i really want a shirt like hers.

  10. きつき

    agreed somehow the shirt and skirt worked well together.

  11. I looove the apple bag, it’s so cute ! =3 I like the shoes very much too ! Her style is original ! (like every styles on Tokyo Fashion, but still ! xD )

  12. Wow, she is a tall Japanese teenager. She is cool….

  13. I NEED that apple bag it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen for a while ! ( * O*) ~=3

  14. Overall the outfit was good, the colors were well matched…She was still so young, I hope to see her next fashion idea…

  15. when i was 16, i was still in my uniforms… lol and right now, no more uniforms but still casual shirt and jeans… if she didn’t mention her age i would have thought she’s around 22! …

    i like how she matches her clothes.. someone above said that the color of the shirt doesn’t seem to match with the skirt.. i beg to differ. I thought it was quite a compatible mix. in fact i think it was a quite bold of her to go with such a combination, since most people would always go the safe way with just black and white all the way. though i have to say the color of the shoes seemed a little out of place.. maybe with a little bit of pattern (like the skirt) it would be better. nevertheless, this is a pretty outfit!

  16. shirt and belt look awesome, but I’m not too crazy about the patchwork skirt.
    As for her face, she looks like a doll

  17. I love the corset :)..

    Makes her look very doll-like :D..

    Hair and lipstick work with the clothes but the apple handbag?

    But still it’s a cute mix!

  18. very creative, i partly agree with comment above that said the top isn’t matched with the skirts, but then again, if it’s matched, it wouldn’t be as catchy as this i think…
    red lips and black hair combo = stunner!

  19. The first thought was “modern geisha”, because she has a really pretty face and the red lips, but than I saw the bag and it was “japanese snow-white”.
    Besides, I love her outfit…most of all the combination of the black and white striped button-up top with the corset belt covered in buttons, gorgeous!

  20. dubbeludot

    i really love her apple bag!!!
    She is soooo cool

  21. she is really pretty I like the whole look and she is really pretty >//<

  22. I love her entire outfit! xD I really wish I could pull that off.

  23. So beautiful , I really love the way she’ dressed. So classy s