Harajuku Girl w/ Shaved Hairstyle, Dark Fashion & Vision Streetwear Bag

Arin is a 21-year-old Tokyo hair salon staffer who we met on the street in Harajuku.

Arin’s look features a shaved hairstyle, all black fashion, and a Vision Street Wear tote bag.

Arin’s favorite fashion brand is Dr. Martens and she likes the music of Miyavi.

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  1. Arin has a very unique androgynous style mixing both masculine and feminine features in body and fashion. The boy, dirty blonde hair cut with the simple, all black wear ala chic Omotesando dining waiter look enhances the facial palette of hot, pouty lips with skin tone lip gloss. The eyes are sexy and dangerous keeping you perplexed as to whether you’re in for danger in a street fight or an amorous, candle lit evening bounded to the headboard by chains.
    Anri, Harajuku Girl Shaved Hairstyle, Dark Fashion

    Buffalo Stance of Arin is James Dean tough and Rihanna cool. Keep it real Arin to keep away the fakers and haters