Fun Harajuku Girls in Angelic Pretty, 6%DOKIDOKI & Milklim

Here are three friendly Japanese girls wearing cute pink fashion. We met these girls just outside of LaForet Harajuku.

The girl on the left is wearing a pink lolita outfit from Angelic Pretty with a big hair bow, a 6%DOKIDOKI Milky Way hair clip, a plush pony purse, pink tights, and pink lolita shoes. The girl in the middle is also wearing Angelic Pretty and 6%DOKIDOKI. Her bag choice is a cute pink Angelic Pretty bow purse. On the right, we have a girl wearing a “Cotton Candy” sweatshirt from the fairy kei brand Milklim along with a lace collar, a cute print skirt, white stockings, ruffle socks, and platform Converse. She’s carrying a clock handbag and – like both of her friends – wearing a 6%DOKIDOKI Milky Way hair clip.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Miss Giddy

    I love Sweet Lolita. I want their oufits so bad!

  2. I have the same Barbie fabric as the skirt the girl with the milklim shirt is wearing. I had planned on making a skirt with it, so I’m glad to have an idea of how it will look. :3

  3. The right girl’s outfit is my fav c: love the black combined with the sweet pink! And that little Lala on the middle girl’s bag is so cute.

  4. i L.O.V.E the pony bag the first ones hairstyle is sooooooo cute

  5. Makes me wish I could afford AP
    !(◎_◎;)( i _ i )

  6. I love! I love there bangs and hairstyles. I love there dresses! there the prettyist shade of pink!