Harajuku Girls w/ Bob & Braids, Rocking Horse Shoes & Pastel Bag

Here are two friendly girls – Ai and Akane – who we ran into on Meiji Dori in Harajuku, quite near to the famous LaForet department store. We have snapped the girls previously, as seen here.

The girls’ outfits include a tinted bob hairstyle and braids, a jacket and sweater, a dress and a skirt, white tights, rocking horse shoes, boots, a cross necklace, a cute illustrated pastel bag, and an iPhone case with angel wings.

Ai is on Twitter as aippppp_. Akane’s twitter is here.

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  1. That hair daisy thing is SO CUTE. I’m so going to copy her. I really hope that’s not real animal fur…

  2. I’m sorry but this is really, really disturbing. Whether it is real fur or not, it is obviously offensive: The design is made into the pathetic shape of a dead animal. It simply encourages people to wear fur. I am living in Tokyo and already really upset about how people are frantic about fur.

    So please, Tokyo Fashion, please do not continue doing shoots with people wearing them.

  3. Ozgu: It is NOT disturbing and i don’t think Tokyo Fashion should by ANY means stop shooting fur.
    Fur is BEAUTIFUL and elegant looking, and will continue to rock in the fashion.

    Please remind yourself that your opinion can be offensive as well, and that you are calling elegant women disturbing and offensive.

  4. i am with morbi,

    ozgu fashion come first and those animals are already dead?
    in fact, since you does care so much about the animal you should stop
    eating any meats if you does since that make no different at all!

  5. I think it is more the manner in which the animals may be killed in which is controversial.

  6. I’m against the fur. I feel like it really distracted me from the whole outfit. I would have loved to see a scarf in a warm color to really make the outfit pop. That would have made me say “Wow! Look at that outfit!” Instead of “….wow…did you just…see that?”

    I love the outfit on the right! From top to bottom, I think it’s quite cute. I wonder about her backpack!