Harajuku Girls w/ Cute Cat Bags, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Milk & F i.n.t

These two Harajuku girls were both carrying cute matching cat bags when we spotted them. We found out that their names are Ema and Papiko, and we took some snapshots of their outfits.

Ema is the one to the left, she’s 23 and she’s reachable on Twitter. She’s wearing a Emily Temple Cute dress with a Nadia jacket and bow print tights. Her accessories include a Baby the Stars Shine Bright hair pin, a faux fur scarf with an oversized Katie badge, cherry earrings and a cat bag with headphones and another big badge. She is wearing black mary-janes, and she told us that her favorite places to shop are Milk and F i.n.t As for music, Tommy Heavenly6 is her thing.

Papiko, the girl in twintails, is wearing a dog print dress from Milk. She paired it with a Wego jacket and a faux fur scarf. Her biscuit bag is from Swimmer, as are her pink shoes, but she also carries a cat bag, like her friend Ema. Her accessories are from F i.n.t: star shaped plastic earrings and a pony bracelet. Her two favorite stores are Spank! and Angelic Pretty.

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  1. So cute, where can I buy a cat bag like this from in Tokyo?

  2. I believe the brand is stylized as ” Fi.n.t ” rather than F.i.n.t !
    Lovely ~

  3. @Kimi – Thanks, you’re right. I updated it in the article! :-)