Harajuku Girls’ Colorful Fashion & Cute Teddy Bears

Here are two super-colorful Japanese girls who we spotted crossing the road near the end of Takeshita Dori in Harajuku.

The girl on the left is wearing a bright red quilted Donald Duck jacket which she has tied with a wide striped obi-like belt, giving it a whimsical kimono look. Along with the eye-catching jacket, she’s wearing a ribbon hair bow, Nadia Harajuku tights, and platform Converse from Nadia Harajuku. Her canvas bag – with Hello Kitty & Keroppi clips – is also from Nadia.

The girl on the left – with the thick braids – is wearing a cardigan sweater with rose decorations, bloomer-style shorts, white tights, cute lace flower anklets, and chunky leather clogs. Accessories include several hair bows, a cross necklace, a large flower ring, a cloth bag decorated with embroidery, and two cute teddy bears.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww the girl from the left style, mmm feloces en el corazon ?? feloces = something like fast , en el corazon= in the heart. Im latin but feloces? mmm searching and its kind of portuguese

  2. Goodness, the girl on the left is adorable but does she have really bad hay fever or something? Or is that just the look she’s going for with makeup?

  3. The saying in the bag seems like “engrish”, but in spanish! XD I’m Brazilian and I assure you this is not Portuguese language, lol

    Anyways, their outfits are great! My favorite is the girl with braids’ look – I love how it’s full of cute details like the crochet flowers in her cardigan (and its pretty knitted pattern!) and the pintucks & lace in her pants. Just lovely. <3

  4. I think the writing might be french.. or bad french?

    Crayon being pencil in french..

    Hmm I dunno but I do love the girl on the left’s makeup very cute and doll like :D.

  5. by the looks on the ‘e’ in the first word, it says flores. which makes it
    flores en el corazon. that is spanish, which would be flowers in the heart

  6. That’s it, “flores en el corazon” makes much more sense XD

  7. that one girl

    I think pink//red eyeshadow under the eyes is a trend right now, seen it in a lot of pictures.

  8. Look at the baby-doll-looking girl!!! and.. im addicted to sneakers with platform.. !!!