Harajuku Girls’ Contrasting Styles from H&M, Lip Service, ANAP & Nadia

We photographed these cute girls and their contrasting outfits in Harajuku. The girl on the right with the floppy felt hat is Re-chan. She’s wearing a short black lace skirt from Lip Service with a sheer dotted blouse. Her accessories include mother-of-pearl earrings from ANAP and a checkerboard woven purse. Her shoes are peep-toe stiletto pumps.

The girl on the left with blonde hair in braids is a 19-year-old student named Manamin. She’s wearing a short white baby doll dress from H&M with a tan crochet sweater. Her pink and white gingham bag is from Katie and her shoes are peep-toe laceup booties. Accessories include white crucifix earrings from Nadia.

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  1. Is it just me or is Manamin’s dress TOO short? It’s cute, but there’s no way she can bend over in that o_o
    Re-chan looks like a gorgeous supermodel. Look at that smile… *__*

  2. Yes, way too short. I swear I can see something sticking out from under it…is that shorts or underwear? Tacky!

  3. It looks like Manamin has shorts on underneath her dress, but Yeah it looks more like a shirt than dress

  4. I think Manamin’s wearing shorts! And anyway Julia Nakagawa wears shorter shorts… so let Manamin do her thing.

  5. i love all… seriously! especially the dress and the wages! and the earings!

  6. Girl on the right look like she ’bouta go to Church! They’re both cute though! AMEN! :D