Harajuku Girl’s Eclectic Mix of Metal Addiction, Brother & Nozomi Ishiguro

Ai is a 22-year-old beautician that we photographed in Harajuku. She’s wearing a short skirt and jacket, both from Metal Addiction, with an ethnic print scarf. Her unique boots trimmed with fabric and fur are from Brother. She’s carrying a Nozomi Ishiguro shoulder bag made from recycled denim and lace.

Ai is also wearing a handmade hair ornament from YEAH RIGHT!! and has her hair fashioned in a cute braided style. We asked about her favorite designer and her answer was Nozomi Ishiguro.

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  1. Neat, but wonder how long it takes each day to get that look….

  2. Oh my Glob, I love her style. @__@
    And she’s so pretty too. :D
    Her hair makes me squee~

  3. her hair is relly awesome ! love color ♥ love style ♥

  4. this is absolutely cute and cool!! love the style, kinda messy and fun and sweet at the same time >w< totally in love with this style!!