Harajuku Girl’s Fedora Hat with Rose Bud Poncho & Purse

This stylish girl in Akemi, a 26-year-old beautician. Her outfit includes a fur-trimmed poncho from Rose Bud over a nanouniverse dress. She’s also wearing black tights and black suede boots. Her accessories from Beams and other shops include a tan fedora hat and delicate gold earrings. Her leather purse is also from Rose Bud, which she told us is her favorite place to shop.

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  1. Nope. not just you. Shes gorgeous. The eyelashes definetly enhance her features beautifully.

  2. Akemi is lovely and rocks both the hat and the poncho.

  3. aww she is so beautiful and i love the ponco and the hat!!! a sweet outfit.
    i wanna wear it too <3

  4. Its so beautiful and i love the poncho! I would love to wear an outfit like this one any day

  5. simple but cute
    she is very pretty and her hairstyle is great
    i love it