Harajuku Girls in Lowrys Farm & Rodeo Crowns

We photographed these smiling 19-year-old students in Harajuku. The girl on the left wearing a cute flowered hat on her auburn hair is Takemae. Her blue shirt and tan leather handbag are from Lowry’s Farm, which is one of her favorite shops. Her cute retro lace-up boots are by Ray Cassin. She’s accessorized her outfit with a long lacy crochet scarf.

Takemae’s favorite designer is Ray Cassin and she likes listening to the music of Chatmonchy.

The girl on the right is Yano. She’s wearing a soft gray knit hat over her long curly hair. Her graphic top is from Rodeo Crowns and her tattered skinny jeans are from Emoda. She bought her soft gray leather boots at an outlet shop. Her stylish black leather bag is from Backs.

Yano’s favorite shop is Rodeo Crowns and she likes the music of Ayumi Hamasaki.
Harajuku Girls in hats, Lowry’s Farm and Rodeo Crowns

Cute Japanese girl with Lowry’s Farm shirt and flowered hat

Ray Cassin retro lace-up boots

Rodeo Crowns top and knit hat

Emoda skinny jeans and soft gray boots

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  1. (Isn’t it Hamasaki?)
    I like the girl on the right :)

  2. looks like the girl on the right is wearing a wig – it’s cute though

  3. Beatrix Gultom

    i love her jeans ^333 soooooooooo cool !!