Harajuku Girls in Hisui, Isolated Heroes, Jeremy Scott & Vivienne Westwood

Mitake and Anami are two stylish girls we ran into in Harajuku. You might recognize both of them from their previous Harajuku street snaps.

Mitake is pictured to the right, in a two-piece from Hisui, Vivienne Westwood rocking horse sandals and jewelry. She is also wearing glitter socks and jewelry which she bought in India. She told us her favorite brands are Vivienne Westwood and Romance Was Born and that her favorite music is gabber. Follow her on Twitter for updates.

Anami is 20 and she’s a graphic designer. She is wearing a faux-fur top with a heart and googly eyes, which is from Isolated Heroes, with a printed skirt and bag by Jeremy Scott. Her platform sandals are Cannabis x k3 x Vargas, and her sequin crown is from Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop. She is also wearing bone earrings and heart beads bracelets. Anami’s favorite designer is Jeremy Scott, and her favorite bands are Folks and Kis-My-Ft2. Check out her Twitter to find out more.

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  1. Love these! Glad I clicked to look up close..Didn’t realize Mitake was still around! I remember seeing her years ago in Harajuku boppin’ around with a huge Vivienne Westwood plush looking crown on her head. Nice to see her out and about! :)
    And I love the Isolated Heroes top with that crown!