Harajuku Girls in Modern Streetwear Style w/ Boy London & Jeffrey Campbell

While wandering around Harajuku, we ran into this large group of fashionable female friends. You might remember two of the girls as the Kim Twins – who we snapped earlier this year.

We didn’t get names for all of the girls, but the Kim Twins are Kim Dongming and Kim Minyeol. The outfit of each of the girls is Harajuku streetwear friendly, featuring items from trendy brands Boy London and Jeffrey Campbell.

The Kim Twins are big fans of K-Pop. They can be found on Twitter under their Kim Twins account or individually as Dongming and Minyeol. Also in the photo are @cacao_xx (second from the right with cross necklace), @dv_love_ag (left side with red hair), @you_key_me (white hair & mask).

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Victoria Moore

    Wow I remember Boy London from the 1980s. I still have a Boy London t-shirt and a patch that I wear on my blazers with two safety pins.

  2. ciel noir

    I’m i LOVE the look of the girl with the white/lavender hair! n

  3. I love the cross tattoo at one of the girls, it’s beautiful.

  4. Low the white and lilac hair I wish I could my hair like that

  5. love all their styles! by any chance does anyone know what contacts the girl with the black mask is wearing? they’re so beautiful and bright!