The Kim Twins in Harajuku w/ Face Masks, Galaxxxy & Jeffrey Campbell

Kim Dongming and Kim Minyeol are stylish twin girls we met in Harajuku. Looking at their names and their Twitter accounts, we’d guess that they are at least partially Korean (although they didn’t tell us so). The girls are 17-year-old students and they share a “Kim Twins” Twitter account.

Kim Dongming (left) is wearing a white graphic t-shirt with red zebra print shorts from Galaxxxy and a The Test jacket she customized herself with lots of pins and badges on one sleeve. Her spike wedge sneakers are Jeffrey Campbell, and they match the spike cap. She is also wearing black sunglasses, a spike and zipper face mask, chunky rings and digital print leggings. Her colorful backpack from Kinji features The Grawzulz. She is a fan of K-pop and One Direction, and you can find her on Twitter as @Dongming_FC.

Kim Minyeol (right) is wearing the same t-shirt as her twin, only in black, with a hoodie and a jacket on top. Her knee-length shorts are Forever21, worn over black and white leggings. She’s wearing a black beanie, sunglasses, a face mask, safety pin earrings, big rings and a simple backpack from Dickies. She’s got chunky buckle boots on. She told us she likes the K-pop band My Name, and that she’s on Twitter as @Minyeol_fc.

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  1. Love their shirt! What brand is it exactly?
    Love the JCs and the safety pin earring! :D <3

  2. Victoria Moore

    So intense and edgy. I love this look and I especially love the badges, pins and tights. Cool.

  3. ugh! shoes, hat, face mask, and shirt!

    i like :DD ehehe


  4. I’m jealous! I have a twin brother, and I’ve always fantasized about the two of us being super stylish twins!! BUT NOPE. Never happened… he only laughs at my Tokyo-inspired fashion choices. :(

  5. Their style is definitely korean-inspired, but a better street version. LOVE IT!

  6. BungeeGam

    their girl’s? i love the bags, the tights, the badges, the cap, the 1st pair of shoes….cool pair of girl’s

  7. Woooowww I love their styles :D ~~
    I was wondering which shop she got her face mask and zipper mask? Love them :D
    Thank you <3

  8. Yes it’s a kind of korean style and it reminds me of B.A.P xdd it’s good ^^