Harajuku Girls in Faux Fur, Cat Print & Platforms w/ Nadia, Katie & Kinji

Wakana and Sae are two stylish friends that we spotted in Harajuku recently, wearing cute and feminine outfits.

Wakana is pictured to the right, with longer hair and side bangs. She is 18 and she’s a student, wearing a light blue sweater with a WEGO cat print skirt and a leather jacket. Wakana’s white bag is from Katie, and she paired her white canvas platform sneakers with lace tights. She is also wearing an oversized pin from her favorite shop, Katie, which reads “dancing in the moonlight”. You can find Wakana on Twitter for more information.

Sae, on the other hand, has a white bow in her hair and she’s 17, also a student. At the time of our encounter, she was wearing a Kinji top with a tulle Nadia skirt and a pastel pink faux-fur from the same shop. She is wearing a pink heart shaped purse by Dazzlin, together with a Nadia tote bag, floral tights and ankle strap white platforms, which were picked up resale. She finished this girly look with a pink choker necklace and two pins, all from Spank! You can guess that Sae’s favorite shop is Nadia, and she also told us that her favorite singer is Miliyah Kato.

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