Harajuku Girl’s Plaid Vest, Dazzlin Dress & Nixon Bracelet Watch

This is Shizuha, a 21-year-old who works in the apparel industry. She’s wearing a plaid vest from a used clothing store over a short print dress from Dazzlin. She bought her eye-catching green platform shoes with front zippers in Korea and is wearing them here with ruffled ankle socks. Her purse is from a used clothing store.

Shizuha’s red bracelet watch is from Nixon and her silver bangle bracelets are from Forever 21. Her silver ring, which is embossed with the word Forever, is from a used clothing shop in Shimokitazawa. Other accessories include a rosary-style necklace and green bair bow that matches her shoes.

We asked Shizuha about her favorite source for fashion and her answer was Dazzlin. She also told us her favorite music is by Korean pop groups, especially CNBlue.

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  1. Roneshua B

    i really hope people in america get less judgmental so we can have more styles like this ! i love this <3

  2. Sweet and simple. Her shoes are really something different! I like how she coordinated her outfit. :]

  3. I think she is giving me those, “I WANT U” eyes

  4. really cute outfit! i love especially the dress and socks. ^^ and she’s so pretty~