Eye-Catching Harajuku Girls w/ Purple Hair Falls, Platforms & Spikes

Here are two friendly Japanese girls with personality to spare who turn all heads while walking together in Harajuku – Nancy and Kandi Raver Ichika! Nancy (on the left) is a professional dancer who has toured internationally with the Japanese performance group Tokyo Dolores. You might recognize Kandi Raver Ichika from the kimono street snaps we posted of her last month.

Both of the girls’ looks feature purple and blue hair falls along with a recurrence of the color purple throughout. Nancy’s outfit includes a leather jacket, graphic tights, mirrored platforms, spikey bracelets, and an Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag. Ichika’s ensemble includes a graphic top, pleated mini-skirt, striped socks, furry rave leg warmers, Buffalo platform boots, a tongue piercings, and a spherical bag. Both girls are also wearing various cute rings and hair accessories.

If you’d like to know more about Nancy, check out her blog, her Twitter or the Tokyo Dolores website. Kandi Raver Ichika can speak English, and she told us she wants to make friends in the Netherlands, so hit her up on Twitter if you’re in the area!

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  1. Ichika is wearing a Cyberdog coat (Cage Coat), t-shirt (Blossom T-Shirt) and bag (Space Ball Bag), by the way :) fantastic pics!

  2. Really eye catching!! I love Nancy’s futuristic style and their dreads look awesome (/>w

  3. Freezing cold but wearing a mini skirt. I love that. Very cool chick

  4. Thank you Ichika for always wearing Cyberdog ^^ <3
    I'm sad I missed her visiting our store though!

  5. i didn’t realize the girl on the right has the side of her head shaved :O very daring it works for her

  6. Just how awesome are they????

    I feel like wearing more purple right now ^^

  7. I love purple and this is soo genius! And OMG I live in the Netherlands!! *O*