This cute girl in a pink tutu with twin ponytails is a student named Harue. She’s wearing a satin jacket from Kinji, white tights and platform sneakers from Nadia. Her accessories include a handmade necklace with a dinosaur pendant and handmade pink baby dinosaur earrings. She’s carrying a plush shark purse from 6%DokiDoki.

We asked Harue about her favorite places to shop and her answer was The Virgin Mary and Spank! You can follow Harue on Twitter.

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  1. That shark purse again! I remember one of the guys was wearing one during the last Harajuku Fashion Walk ^^

    Oh, and that dinosaur necklace… <33

  2. Super kawaii! I love her shoes, tutu, and her shark bag. :3

    The Cute and Awesome Shop

  3. SHARK PURSE. I want. But it’s probably $200 or something obscene. xD

  4. Wow ! Beautiful outfit ! The necklace, the t-shirt, tha bag and the jacket are awesome !

  5. I don’t like the combination of platform converse and tutu! It’s too much!

  6. Anyone have a link for this “Nadia” brand? I DESPERATELY want those converses but googling isn’t helping :(

  7. :0 she’s in my July issue of kera! I love her style and she’s my age (14)!