Harajuku Girls in Style Icon Tokyo, Fig & Viper, Kawi Jamele & Chanel

Hikari and YOU are two stylish 18 year old girls we snapped in Harajuku. Many of you will recognize YOU from her many previous street snaps.

Hikari is the one in side-parted, straight hair, and she works in apparel. She is wearing a Style Icon Tokyo sweatshirt and a One Spo white mini skirt. She paired her blue, Growze sandals with white socks. She is also wearing a white bag and a pair of sparkly earrings, as well as small studs. Hikari confessed that Topshop and American Apparel are her favorite stores, and she gave us her Twitter.

YOU is an aspiring singer and fashion school student. She’s wearing a resale striped blazer over a Topshop sequin top and a skirt from Bubbles. She accessorized with mirror sunglasses, a statement necklace, rings and nail art. She is also wearing a Chanel bag, blue and faux fur shoes from Bubbles, and she told us her accessories are from Emoda, Fig & Viper and Kawi Jamele. YOU is on Twitter as @yuutuntun.

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  1. Wow,♥ Hikari is dressed really nice and her hairstyle looks really good on her ♥ . YOU is indeed very stylish and her outfit looks cool. ♥

  2. I love her innocent smile, while wearing that naughty shirt xD

  3. Victoria Moore

    They remind me of the 1980s! I love their looks. The color combinations and textures are cool as are the little details.