Harajuku Girls x Sulley & Mike from Monsters, Inc.

Halloween is approaching and the streets of Harajuku are getting in the spirit. These two Japanese students – Monroe and Hinano – caught our eye right away with their matching Monsters Inc.-inspired fashion. Besides being exceptionally cute, they were also super friendly!

Monroe, on the right, is wearing a green Monsters Inc. hoodie she said was made by “Nemmy Kids” along with green shorts, green tights, green leg warmers, and Converse sneakers. Her bag is from American Apparel and the green monster (who inspired her outfit) is Mike. Monroe told us that her favorites shops include Bubbles & Spank! and her favorite singers are Amoyamo & Tommy6. If you’d like to see more pictures of her non-Halloween fashion, Monroe is very active on Twitter as HarajukuKiz.

Hinano, on the left, is wearing a matching outfit featuring a blue Monsters Inc. hoodie by “Nemmy Kids”, blue shorts, blue tights, pink leg warmers, and pink Converse sneakers. Her earring is from Spank! (which is also her favorite shop) and the blue monster (who inspired her outfit) is Sulley. Hinano’s favorite Tokyo shops are Spank! & Bubbles Harajuku and her favorite musical group is Amoyamo. For more Hinano goodness, check out her Twitter.

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  1. I love their hoodies so much! I one one like that too. And the legwarmers are cute (^v^)

  2. omg, i loved this!!
    now i wanna match outfit like this with a friend :T


  3. I really enjoy this outfit. The simplicity goes very well the create idea of their outfits.