Harajuku Girls w/ Twin Braids, Glasses, Sheer Dress & Platform Sneakers

Nopi and Pani are two 17-year-old students who we met on Meiji Dori in Harajuku.

Nopi – on the left – is wearing a light Spinns jacket over a sheer dress, a Nadia top, WEGO shorts, white over-the-knee fishnet stocking, and Spinns platform sneakers. Accessories include a large backpack and two tattoo necklaces. Nopi told us that her favorite shop is Spinns and that she enjoys the music of Scandal. For more info, find her on Twitter.

Pani – on the right with twin braids and glasses – is wearing an illustrated vest from Thank You Mart over a striped shirt from the Tokyo resale shop Chicago, graphic shorts that she purchased at a flea market, and platform sneakers from Spinns. Accessories – some of which came from WEGO, include her round glasses, buttons on her socks, hair ribbons, colorful hair clips, and a Spinns backpack. Pani’s favorite shop is Kinji Harajuku and she enjoys the music of the Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z. For more info, follow Pani on Twitter.

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