Harajuku Girls Wearing Cute Prints w/ Rocking Horse Shoes

One wearing black and the other white – these two Harajuku girls know are a study in contrast. Konomilk and Hoshiko were shopping when we stopped them for some snaps.

Konomilk, on the right, is 21 and a student. She is wearing a cute dress printed with clouds and rainbows, which she got from Milk, together with her bow print socks. Her blue bag with animal print lining is from a select shop, and her white rocking horse shoes are from Tokyo Bopper. She told us that her accessories are from Vivienne Westwood, and we noticed she was wearing a small pendant and a heart shaped watch. Konomilk’s favorite places to shop are Faline and Milk.

Hoshiko is 26 and she works as a freeter. Her hair is braided in two tails. She is wearing a white lace and ruffles top over a long-sleeved dress, which are from Onespo and Angelic Pretty respectively. As accessories, she’s wearing multiple hair bows and earrings, a rabbit charm necklace and a longer one with a fluffy bunny, a pony watch and a striped ring. She paired her Baby the Stars Shine Bright rocking horse shoes with Alice in Wonderland tights, and a bag from Quolomo. Hoshiko loves shopping at Swimmer and Nile Perch most.

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  1. Oh my god they’re gorgeous. They need to be models. ( ; ; )

  2. OMG. The girl on the rights face… she’s one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen!

  3. Konomilk dress and necklace are so cool!

    I like Hoshiko’s hair. I want her winged earrings! I love how her watch and bag match each other, so cute!

  4. Both girls look very cute and pretty :) There are many elements that I would want for myself, especially the Alice in Wonderland tights! I also like their make-up – so clean, cute and neat. Nice :)

  5. Dreaded Queen

    Too many wonderful details to mention!! Hope to see both of these girls more. Well done

  6. Wow nice look. Anyone knows where I can find those crazy tights ? I want them somuuuch ! ^^

  7. The rainbow dress is so coooool ! ! ! Love their styles, so cute~ I wish I had such beautiful clothes…

  8. ♥Wow♥, O_O , ♥Konomilk looks stunning . ♥_♥ .She’s very pretty . And I totally ♥ Hoshiko’s earrings .