Striking Harajuku Gothic Style w/ Pink Hair, Eye Patch, Corset & Garters

With her candy colored hair and gothic outfit, it’s hard not to notice the Japanese model Rumanjyu on the street in Harajuku.

Rumanjyu is wearing Atelier Boz top, skirt and shoes, all in black. The top comes with a corset-like belt and long sleeves, the skirt is short and fitted, while the shoes have ankle straps, high heels and platforms. Her bag is from Algonquins, and the hat and cameo choker were handmade. Her look also features a floral eye patch, blue contact lenses, a floral ring, red nail polish, and over the knee stockings with graphics and garters.

Rumanjyu told us that her favorite brand is Atelier Boz, and that she’s a fan of the visual kei band, D. You can check out her blog for more info.

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  1. Mika Rose

    I am completely in love with her entire style. She’s gorgeous!

  2. Dreaded_Queen

    She looks like she stepped out of Black Blood Brothers!!! Kind of a whimsical vamp look .

  3. One word: Stunning!
    I just LOVE gothic outfits and this one is my fave! And her eye-makeup is just beautiful ^^

  4. Alexandra

    Gorgeous! Like the hair and make up so much! ;D

  5. Wow, She’s so beautiful~.. :O Left me in awe this has :3

  6. Czara Tyranikal

    LOVE. Love the handmade elements. Love the stevie nicks meets comic book vampire style mash. Love the fresh make up (not gothy). Wish I could see the skirt better.

  7. Gorgeous~ I NEED THAT EYEPATCH!
    And I love D! :D Of course, everybody that loves VK loves D lol.

  8. Wow, she looks like a fantasy! The details are perfect, and what a alluring face!

  9. This is SO perfect! I’m especially fascinated by the roses and the feathers on the hat and the eye-patch <3
    Oh, and that necklace! Just incredible.

  10. You go girl, your all that and some the best I’ve seen in a long time keep up the good work.

  11. AWESOME!!!Love everything, she looks amazing. If I live in Japan, i will be dress like that!!!

  12. The ring! THE RING!

    Oh wait…