Harajuku Gothic/Punk Style on Cat Street

A street fashion photo taken in Harajuku in the late summer of 2009. This photo is an example of the Harajuku punk/gothic style of fashion that you see lots of kids wearing around Takeshita Dori and LaForet. These two Japanese people are wearing several of the brands that are popular in that scene – including H.Naoto, E-Hyphen World Gallery, and Algonquins. They are also posing for this photo out in front of the Putumayo brand shop on Cat Street. This style often includes patched or torn up jeans/pants, black platform boots, a mostly black and white color palette, zippers, studs, safety pins, and lots of silver jewelry.

Harajuku Punk Gothic Style

You can click the photo to see it larger.

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  1. OMG I want both of those jeans! very cool look, nice and detailed, but not busy. Inspired!

  2. Monica Quentine

    H.Naoto?? LOVE HIM!!
    cool outfits!! i wanna that jeans =[

  3. very inspiring jeans… i have to DIY myself a pair!

  4. samantha ozpunk

    Tokyo girls are stunning. the boys are stylish too.

  5. lettaletti

    i need those pants..but in skinny jeans :x