Harajuku Girls in Floral & Gingham from Grapefruit Moon, San-biki no Koneko & Alice on Wednesday

We met these two students in Harajuku. This is what we found out:

Pictured to the right is Yurika, who is 18. She has strawberry blond hair and is wearing a cap. Her floral dress and tote bag are from the Tokyo resale fashion botique Grapefruit Moon, worn with Haruta loafers and accessories from San-biki no Koneko (including earrings and rings). Yurika told us she likes shopping at Grapefruit Moon and San-biki no Koneko, and that she’s a Zazen Boyz fan. You can find her on Instagram for more info.

Pictured to the left we have Rena, who is 19. She is wearing a gingham top with a white WEGO skirt, a white bag and bow sandals. Her bracelet, hair pins and earrings are from Alice on Wednesday. Rena mentioned she’s a Hello! Project fan.

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