Harajuku Duo w/ Graphic T-Shirts, Piercings, Buttstain Accessories & Geta

Chiharu and Tako (aka Takuya) are both part of the Japanese skate/surf/street culture collective known as Tokyo Funks. We ran into them on the street in Harajuku after dark and they were nice enough to stop for a few snaps.

Chiharu is wearing a 70s Monster top with a Bikini Monster skirt (or shorts) and Airwalk tennis ball sneakers. Accessories include colorful clips in her double bun hairstyle, a tongue piercing, wristbands, and a Buttstain polka dot backpack. Chiharu’s favorite sources of fashion are Tokyo Funks and Buttstain. She’s also a fan of the legendary Japanese group Judy and Mary. For more info, find Chiharu on Twitter or Instagram.

Tako is wearing a Bikini Monster t-shirt with a 70s Monster graphic shirt around his shoulders, 70’s Monster pants, and wooden geta sandals. Accessories include a neon nose ring, a hat over his purple hair, and Buttstain sunglasses. Tako is a fan of Tokyo Funks, Buttstain, and the Japanese punk band Ginnan Boyz. Find him on Instagram and Facebook.

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