Harajuku Guy w/ Orange Hair & Anrealage + Girl w/ Resale, Dior & Hug

Daichi and Reika are a cute pair we saw in Harajuku, mixing high street labels with resale pieces. Both of them are students, and Daichi – with his orange hair – is 18, while Reika is 19.

Daichi is wearing a fluffy resale coat, over a Muji turtleneck and Uniqlo jeans. He carries a colorful clutch from Zara, which looks nice with his Anrealage bracelet. His black and white brogues are Dr. Martens and his “3” pendant necklace is Esperanza. Find him on Twitter for more information.

Reika is wearing a gingham skirt with a printed sweater, both resales, topped with a resale Dior trench coat. She has a bowler hat on and carries a white bag from Hug. She accessorized her look with a cowl, car print socks and pink resale sneakers. You can find her on Twitter if you’d like to get in touch.

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  1. I love how Daichi is dubbed as “Harajuku Guy”