Harajuku Guy & Girl w/ Handmade Comme Des Garcons Tote Bags & Tokyo Bopper

We met Hana and Jejun on the street in Harajuku.

Jejun – on the left – is wearing a long pink coat over a black turtleneck, cropped pants, colorful socks, and graffiti covered shoes. Accessories include large glasses, a Mickey Mouse brooch, bracelet, and a handmade Comme Des Garcons tote bag. His favorite fashion brand is Comme Des Garcons Homme. Jejun posts pictures on Twitter if you’d like to see more.

Hana is wearing a red knit longsleeve top with a suspender skirt, gold leaf socks, and Tokyo Bopper big tongue platform shoes. She is carrying a matching handmade Comme Des Garcons tote bag. You can find Hana on both Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. Tamashii

    They have this great look. That pink coat. Love it.