Harajuku Guy’s Skeleton Coordinates, Pink Hair & Jeremy Scotts

Here’s Equador, a 20-year-old guy with a fun-meets-darkness sense of style who we snapped in Harajuku. His baseball cap with big green ears (worn over pink hair) is what initially caught our attention.

Equador is wearing a skeleton sweater that he picked up resale at Bubbles Harajuku, skinny skeleton-print jeans from Kreepsville 666, and Jeremy Scott x Adidas Panda sneakers. Accessories include sunglasses, the (bunny?) ear-hat, a lip piercing, a Kreepsville 666 necklace, a studded bracelet, a bicycle chain bracelet, an eyeball ring, and a large “Dead Girl” coffin ring (also from Kreepsville 666). His cool studded leather bag is from the Japanese brand Glad News. He’s also carrying a black leather motorcycle jacket.

When we asked Equador about his favorite things, he told us that he likes the brands/designers Glad News, Jeremy Scott, Givenchy, and Katie Eary. His favorite musical artist is Lady Gaga. If you’d like to know more about Equador, follow him on Twitter or check out his blog!

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    And that’s how u get more wears out of your Halloween costume! Throw some green bunny ears and you knock out st. Pattys day and Easter. 3 holidays is impressive

  2. Shrestha ram

    Pretty Dam skt guy … Looking Dam goooddd ….

  3. that skeleton sweater is beyond fantastic, especially paired with the jeans (for obvious reasons.)

  4. the baseball cap is from katie eary!! love his style!! XD

  5. Alaina Weeks

    i have that same bloody skeleton necklace!

  6. He has beautiful lips!! What a gorgoeus cute face!

  7. super cute style… love everything on him… i feel like i want steal everything and just leave him naked there… lol… i was madly in love with the jeremy scott shoes…