Harajuku Guy’s Long Hair, Undercover Shredded Pants & Reptile Boots

We’ve posted photos of 27-year-old Takatsuki several times before (most recently here) and he never fails to put together a trendy look. In these snaps he’s wearing an outfit from Undercover that includes a plush jacket, a long print shirt and shredded/mended white pants. His reptile patterned boots are also from Undercover.

Takatsuki’s bag, which is accessorized with a padlock, is from Chole. Other accessories from Undercover include three silver rings and blue-framed sunglasses.

When we asked Takatsuki about his favorite type of music he said he likes metalcore and screamo. You can see pictures of some of his creations on his website.

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  1. awesome Tatsuki has ichiban hair & threads : i love his Teddy bear with exposed skeleton ; original

  2. He is WAY cool. Gender-bending is awesome AND in most geographic locations…BRAVE…even in this day and age. Kudos to him:)